Media Training Interview Techniques

Interview, media and presentation techniques for those facing the prospect
of a local or national radio or television interview for the first time
to those requiring the highest level of focussed preparation.
Confidence from a 'you can do it' training approach from

BBC's former Senior TV Announcer Richard Straker

  • Radio and Television Media skills/Interview Techniques
  • Simply demonstrated for the first timer
  • Firmly reinforced for the more practised
  • Everything you need to know from first principles
  • Always in a 'You can do it' approach
  • Confidence building in a jargon free zone
  • Tailored One to One or team courses
  • Sessions on site for those last minute interviews
  • On Camera Studio familiarisation
  • Do it for real BEFORE you do it live!

    Journalist & Announcer training

  • Script writing and delivery
  • Microphone techniques

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